You know personally I’ve never had an opinion on lampshades. To me they’ve always been that accessory you kinda know you always need but never really feel too passionate about. However, after discovering that Lampshades can also play noise rock music, I bloody love them.

Lampshades is a trio from Canada and this is their new song Thrills. Complete with feedback, hard hitting drums and guitars that sound this close to blowing out the amplifiers, it’s a track that comes with a punch. It’s loud moments come prepared with vocals that sound just one over-zealous note away from filling the mouth with blood, altogether producing something that makes you wanna get your junk out and mash it into the ground. Or is that just me?

Thrills is a great track and Lampshades look set to destroy the frosty goodness of December with the release of their new EP ‘In Media Res’. Good stuff, and apologies for the genitals line.


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