It’s December. It’s the last month of the year, which means the last month I can feel bad about not fulfilling my New Year’s resolution, thank goodness. Twelve months ago I was meant to take up jogging on the regular and become a healthy Adonis with a washboard stomach and abs that could bend metal, but I’ve ended up pledging more money to the Domino’s cause. On one hand I feel guilty, but on the other I have pizza, either way its fine.

I am hugely looking forward to Christmas this year. Usually I’m not one for getting sucked in to the spirit of things but there’s something about Donald Trump becoming President that makes me feel so festive. I started Christmas shopping at the start of the month, and am nearly finished with a couple siblings left to go, and I cannot wait for the whole thing really. The other half and I have already watched Elf, Home Alone and Home Alone 2 so far, and decorated her room with the tiniest Christmas tree in the world, and it was lovely.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the Family side of Christmas to the point where it has become the main draw for me. I really enjoy buying presents for people, and especially love watching their reactions to opening them. It’s sort of the pay-off to a story about searching for a present with different thought patterns for different people, and being able to accompany it with a particular story or anecdote that makes it even sweeter.

I’ve been fortunate enough to not experience a lot of lows in the Family, but having lost my Nan and my dog Millie within the last three years has kind of made me realise that life is something that involves certain people being in them for only a certain amount of time, so it’s best to make sure you get the best experiences with them before it’s their time to depart. Christmas is known as the most wonderful time of the year because not only does it mean you could see your Nan get wasted for the first time in your life, it also provides the happiest setting for you to create the best memories.


A tradition of mine on Christmas Day is to wake up early (7am/8am) and to wake up everybody else, often to a bit of hatred but mostly to a bit of thankfulness. Millie was my trusty sidekick in this operation for 12 years before it was her time to leave, and she was really good at jumping in people’s beds. She just had this knack to jump into the perfect spot that made her within tongue distance of licking the respective person’s face every time. Nowadays I have a dog called Susie who’s essentially immortal, deaf and a little blind, so she leaves the bed jumping and face licking to me.

It’s those memories that make it easy to get into the spirit of things, and because Christmas is so good anyway it’s difficult to not make at least one happy memory from it. Plus I’ve bought a game called Poohead for my sister so am finally able to lob turds at her head. Have a good Christmas, a happy Holiday, or just a great time if you don’t celebrate. Peace and Love, see you all in January. – Adam.

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