Having family members who love music is great, especially when they recommend checking out some solid up-and-coming bands. While I’ve grown up checking out my Uncle’s numerous bands over the years, we have also checked out established acts such as Wolf Alice last year, and now Honeyblood this year. Accompanied by PINS, this show was all about women creating a lot of noise and rocking the dick out of the Scala in London.

Scala is a well-known venue with all levels of artists performing there, and is ranked up there with the likes of KOKO in terms of reputation. Holding a capacity of just about a thousand people, it’s built up of tiers which allow the VIPs to look down upon the peasants, the just-here-for-a-good-time crowd to stand on the raised platforms, and the younger, we-dance-by-punching-people crowd to have their fun on the dancefloor. I was stationed on the dancefloor fortunately by the chiller half of the crowd, and was quite easily close to the stage. One thing I did notice was how the front row was made up completely by middle-aged men, that was odd.

PINS, Manchester, 28 Aug 2015_Mike Hughes

The night started as PINS rocked up on stage to perform a set that was heavy, groovy and way too short. Within their thirty minutes of stage time they played some of their biggest hits including new single ‘Trouble’ as well as old favourites like ‘Girls Like Us’, and I had managed to become a newly discovered fan too. I also fancied the guitarist a little bit too. They were superb, and set up the night perfectly for Honeyblood to come and do their thang.

Honeyblood entered the stage a little after 9pm and owned it throughout the whole set. For an act comprising of two they absolutely rocked the aforementioned willy off the Scala as they performed material that was heavy, catchy and steeped with so many hooks that it was hard not to sing along. There was also a lot of superb between-song-banter too, including one particular highlight of the entire crowd singing praise for the merch lady Hazel, which resulted in an impromptu jam dedicated to “Hazel who sells merch at the merch table”. Awesome.

At the end of the night I purchased a cassette of PINS’ ‘Trouble’ and got to speak to the guitarist but I was a little starstruck and tired, so it was a little awkward. Great moment though! It was an excellent night of music and another gig to add as one of the best.

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