SOTW | Heat – Lush


Aside from Christmas, one of the things I love most about the end of the year is the singles from act close to releasing their debut records in the next. Heat are another one of those bands as their new single Lush signals the homestretch for the release of their new record ‘Overheat’ in January. Another thing I love most about these months too is when these singles sound really, really good.

With walls of guitars, strong melodies and an uplifting wave of noise Lush is a track that revels in producing some excellent shoegaze material. The ever-present instrumental is filled with wishy-washy guitars steeped in reverb, providing a clear river of noise while little rivets of melody stream through with clarity. The hazy vocals add a touch of foam to this watery sound, and the result is a gorgeous tune steeped in layers of eloquent, distinct sounds. It’s time to add Heat to the list of bands to look out for in 2017.

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