Yep, it’s these guys again. Last week we featured Lampshades as their new single ‘Thrills’ became our #SOTW simply because it had me produce the sentence “makes me want to mash my junk into the ground”. All junk-mashing aside, the noise rock trio from Canada return with the release of their new EP In Media Res which has just been released today. Talk about punctuality.

‘Thrills’ kicks off the EP with a thunderous set of reasons why I fangirled so much over it previously but does retain a lot of the ferocity even after numerous listens. ‘Strung Up’ follows with an equally pummelling performance complete with scuzzy riffs and drums that are intent on KNOCKING YOU THE FUCK OUT. Goddamn.

Lampshades take things down a notch with ‘Hey Mister!’, instead focusing on melodies instead of straight up haymakers to the face. It’s well layered sound features the aforementioned scuzziness but is accompanied with solid lead licks and basslines that add a touch of groove to the mix. It’s a surprising turn for the EP but one that expands Lampshades’ sound and comes off very well too.

In Media Res is a superb EP from Lampshades. It features a lot of hard-hitting riffs and crashes that made ‘Thrills’ so good but also contains a lot of time dedicated to melodies and hooks which signals a knack for solid song-writing. Also, ‘Forest Of My Mind’ is freakin’ brutal. A great EP.

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