One of the scariest moments of a young boy’s life is telling the girl he likes how he feels. It’s the act of announcing feelings of love and adoration to the girl with the long flowing hair who you’ve had a crush on for ages which could go either way: really well, or really not that well. I’ve done it, and through long, grunge-rock fuelled hair and puberty-strained vocal chords, I’ve been able to say things like “I like you”, “Um, stuffed crust obviously” and “I thought the finale of The Missing was a little rushed”.

The Assist is helping out via new single Tell Her How You Feel. These guys have been killing it on the scene over the past year, having reached certain accolades such as being BBC Introducing’s ‘One To Watch’, featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist as well as performing at various festivals such as Y-Not and Leeds Festival.

With a scrappy indie sound complete with sketchy guitar riffs and basslines that groove their way to the dancefloor, Tell Her How You Feel dances its way into the eardrums, producing a rhythm and sound that’s hard to dislike. Kooks-esque vocals add a bit of relatability to the mix, making this song one to use when you need that extra bit of confidence. You can do it baby.

It’s a great little tune and is very catchy indeed. The Assist has certainly continued to ride their wave of momentum throughout 2016, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them soon.

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