10 Bands | to Look Out For in 2017

One of the best things about music is hearing new artists tipped to “be” something in the near future. Whether it’s through years of hard graft and touring like a mothahfuckah before finally releasing a single, or recording a set of bedroom jams and releasing it to the Internet or simply releasing a debut single that gets everybody excited, there are gonna be bands featured on a lot of “LOOK OUT FOR THESE GUYS” or “NEXT BIG THING” lists who might succumb to the pressure or rise from the expectation like glorious Phoenixes. Below are 10 particularly acts we believe are gonna make some waves within the next year, no pressure guys. Who are your favourite discoveries? Let us know below.

KID BLOOM | Having been responsible for the releases of two solid singles, Kid Bloom are certainly going to make some more noise in 2017. From the hard rocking sounds of ‘Lately It Feels Alright’ to the smooth kiss of ‘Electric U’, the band from the USA have given themselves a great start in introducing themselves to the world. Their debut EP A Different State of Mind showcased five tracks that revelled in a sound steeped in nostalgic goodness and a slice of modern touch to create material full of hooks and accessibility, marking the start of what should be a solid career.

KASSASSIN STREET | Since 2015 these guys have been maintaining a steady stream of momentum by dropping hit after hit. With songs like ‘Radio Silence’, ‘Hand In My Pocket’ becoming their biggest so far, they’re backed up by a discography that revels in the band’s knack to produce some entertainingly good instrumentals. Last single ‘Do or Die’ is another solid reminder that they’re close to releasing something good, and I’m hoping that comes in the form of a debut album in 2017.

CORTES | Cortes have been doing things a little differently as a new band. Usually social media profiles are made, singles are released and an introduction is made, but they had none of that going on by the time they received radio play. Their demo track ‘Facing My Fear’ was being played on the radio while there was no official release, no Facebook page and nothing on Twitter either, but have managed to get themselves sorted for this year.

Their new single is ‘Facing My Fear’ and everything’s a lot more professional this time round. With hard hitting riffs, tons of suspense and a big payoff in the form of a stonking chorus, Cortes reveal that they know how to create a banging track. They’re set to release their debut EP early next year, and I cannot wait to hear it.

SLUMBERS | Anybody that gets me thinking about sleep is good in my book, so when female trio Slumbers burst onto the scene I was stoked. Their debut single ‘Battle’ was a sleepy-eyed listen full of hooks and reasons to get excited for this new act, and fortunately their debut EP Come Over was also very good too, so it’d be nice for them to add a little more to their short discography in 2017.

HOWLIE | A particular favourite of mine. Howlie arrived in my inbox with an email detailing all of his intimate songs topics, bedroom recording sessions and all of the sweetness in the world. I fell in love with this guy’s simple but hard hitting music, and loved the laid back vibes of his “man and guitar” formula. It’d be great to see him release an official single or an EP in 2017.


HEAT | Having just recently featured as part of our Song of the Week series, we did mention that it was “time to add them to list of bands to look out for in 2017” and well, now it’s confirmed. The release of new single ‘Lush’ brought forth an intense display of Shoegaze and Pop elements all wrapped up in a pretty package that it sparked a lot of excitement for the release of the band’s new album ‘Overheat’, set to be released in January next year.

ID IOTA | These guys are possibly the reason why our An Interview With series took off, as their wonderful answers provided a lot of information and reasons why it’s best to let other people do the talking on this blog. Id Iota are a band from Canada who released their debut EP Maudlin Fair  earlier this year and made a huge fan out of me, as their blend of grunge and rock music provided a lot of entertainment over the course of four tracks, warranting repeated listens throughout the day. I’m hoping to hear from these babies soon – my inbox was waiting.


BLEEKER | It’s probably a bit selfish to demand more music from people but Bleeker are set to release their debut album Erase You in February. Having blown my mind with the release of their single ‘Where’s Your Money’ earlier in the year, I have been obsessed with having more of their QOTSA-tinged rock and roll music in my eardrums.

NO HOT ASHES | With the release of ‘Goose’ earlier this year came a lot of buzz and attention about these boys. No Hot Ashes made us fangirl extremely hard over this single way back in April, but there has been little else from them since. Where you at No Hot Ashes? We miss you.

MOUSE SUCKS | There’s not really much else I need to say to explain why we need to hear more from this guy. Just…read the justatethebootyandifeelgreat EP review and you’ll know…trust me, you’ll know.

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