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Terra Lightfoot – All Alone | Single Review

A review of 'All Alone', the new single from Terra Lightfoot from new album 'Every Time My Mind Runs Wild'


People have some badass names y’know? Burt Macklin, Felix Baumgartner, Josh Homme, Mother Teresa and now Terra Lightfoot, a singer songwriter signed to Sonic Unyon Records. This is her new single All Alone from her record ‘Every Time My Mind Runs Wild’ and with the video of her playing the guitar on her own, it’s all very fitting indeed.

All Alone is a track that combines sturdy, fuzzy power chords with little sprinkles of melody thanks to some expert finger picking and the occasional pinkie contribution on the higher strings too. This forms a sound that perfectly captures the heartfelt emotion of being all alone, which is driven wonderfully by Terra’s powerful vocals. The odd bluesy lick is thrown in for good measure, providing a main hook for the track to suddenly become embedded in your music taste. It’s a good little listen for those wanting a bit of depth to their music.

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