Last week we did something a little different and interviewed a fellow music blogger. Oh no! Was that the right thing to do? Had we just given a bunch of free buzz to a competitor? A rival??!? Goodness gracious! Nah it was great, and Jeff from Eclectic Music Lover is a little sweetheart and considering how very well detailed his answers were it was an absolute pleasure. This week we’ve had An Interview With another music blog which I’m a huge fan of: Mytacism Music. Another music blog determined to showcase the good stuff and throw shade on saying anything negative is what makes the world a happier place, especially in music. Emily from MM is a superb writer and is killing it on the daily Song of the Day’s so once again, it’s our pleasure to ask her some questions. Please enjoy, and check out and support Mytacism Music because it’s a great source of getting good taste.

Hey Emily, how’s it going? Hey! I’ve just discovered how amazing Eagulls are and currently have their album Ullages on repeat so I guess I’m pretty good.

What’s the story behind becoming a music blogger?  I’ve always been a massive fan of music, although when I was younger it was of the less ‘cool’ kind so it made sense to share my passions somewhere. I actually started MM because I applied to be a writer on another music blog but the editor was a bit of a dick and effectively told me to piss off. Funnily enough, MM is actually doing better than they are now.

How did you choose the name Mytacism Music? I wanted to be all original and cool so I was on this website looking for strange words and I found Mytacism. It means the repeated use of the letter M so I thought it was pretty appropriate at the time but now it’s getting difficult because absolutely no one can say apart from me.

What’s the theme for it? Promoting new artists, local music etc The site’s a bit of everything, I started off just talking about random artists I happened to discover but as submissions started to come in it sort of changed to promoting the new, to the more unheard of artists and, as much as I can, local artists and events. MM’s growing team are pretty ace at finding upcoming artists with Sarah and Chris feeding our Introducing section and our photographer Claire being pretty swell when it comes to shooting epic photos at gigs.


What are your favourite genres in Music? Favourite artists? I’m not too picky with my music; if it’s good then I’ll probably like it. The blog tends to lean towards the indie/rock side of things though, we’ve been loving the likes of Dama Scout, Bent Knees and TALIA recently who all sit somewhere between dreamgaze and grunge.

What does a piece of music need to do to warrant a review on the blog? I don’t think it’s really fair to say ‘good’ because beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? It has to be filled with passion as I absolutely cannot stand music that’s just been mushed together at a second’s notice but apart from that we don’t really have a checklist. And the artist can’t be stuck-up cunt either, I and a few other bloggers recently had a run-in with an artist (not mentioning any names…) who had a little tantrum on Twitter because we declined his submission and it’s fair to say he’s been blacklisted from the site.

How do you combat writer’s block? I don’t. Honestly, if I’m having a dodgy day, I just make a shitton of notes about a track and do something else. Like Bukowski said, “unless it comes out of your soul like a rocket, unless being still would drive you to madness or suicide or murder, don’t do it,” (which is my excuse for not doing most things).

What’s the best thing about being a music blogger? This is a pretty easy one, you get to wake up every morning to about 50 emails containing some rad sounds, you get to go to gigs and festivals and you get to interview some of your favourite artists. What more could I want from life?

What’s the worst thing about being a music blogger? I barely have time to discover my own music. In fact, I barely have time to do anything else – I’ve just had a spontaneous week off and it felt so weird being able to do random shit in the evening.

Who are some of your favourite artists you’ve discovered through music blogging? I think this question should be banned because how can you possibly choose? I could spend a good month trying to put together a list but just off the top of my head; Alpines, T.O.L.D, Zibra, Rat Boy, Barns Courtney, Organised Scum, Squadra Omega, Afterwards, Rivermen, Today’s Man, Jesse Mac Cormac, Persian Leaps, Mint, VANT, Acid Tongue, You Are Number Six and Arbes.

Finally, if you could make one comment to end out this interview, what would it be? SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC AND READ MYTACISM MUSIC. Also, continue reading Sounds Good because this is a pretty stellar piece of the internet.



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