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2016 hasn’t been the nicest year in recent times, but it is coming to a close. With the New Year looming and Santa Claus gathering his supplies for his World Tour 2k16 it’s time to look back over the last 12 months. All celebrity deaths and ridiculous decisions aside, 2016 has been a great year for Music. We are kicking off List Week! Five days of organising the best Singles, EPs and Albums released this year. Please enjoy, and if you agree with some of the choices below, or disagree, let us know why below.

Today it’s all about the Top 50 Singles of 2016! There have been a lot of excellent singles dropped this year from all over the industry. Below will be an ascending list, with a little sentence accompanying some particular highlights too. Enjoy.

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TOP 50 SINGLES OF 2016 by Sounds Good

50. Delphina Kings – Holding Me Up |
49. HUNCK – Never Had A Dream | Grunge becomes steeped in hooks with this Poppy affair.
48. July Talk – Beck + Call | A heated atmosphere steeped in sensual glory. Oof.
47. Bleeker – Where’s Your Money |
46. Kassassin Street – Hand In My Pocket | Politically-charged lyricism accompanies solid grooves.
45. PREP – Sunburnt Through the Glass |
44. The Mono LPs – L.O.V.E. & H.A.T.E. |
43. Green Day – Bang Bang | The drum solo towards the close is still so good.
42. Carly Rae Jepsen – Higher |
41. Elsee – Eggshells |
Slick basslines, smooth blues rock licks, sweet vocal hooks, this song has it all.
40. Everywhere – Some Other Dude | Holds one of the catchiest choruses of the year. Goddamn.


39. LANY – like you lots | Adorableness x1000000000000
38. NAO – Girlfriend |
37. Lenno – Fever |
36. Petite Meller – Baby Love |
35. PINS – Trouble |
Dark, brooding sounds with a hint of groove thrown in for good measure.
34. ZHU – Generationwhy |
33. Busty and the Bass – Stages (Don’t Know Why) |
32. Fickle Friends – Swim |

31. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic | Real good vibes that makes me bust out the white boy moves.
30. Kishi Bashi – Say Yeah | Glitchy electronics paired up with smooth, sensual sounds.


29. Ady Suleiman – What’s the Score |
28. Gallant – Weight in Gold |
27. The 1975 – Love Me |
These guys surprise with a funk-influenced banger. OHH!
26. SURGEONS IN HEAT – You Never Know |
25. Her – Five Minutes |
A sexy song with an accurate timeframe. Not speaking from experience.
24. Metronomy – Old Skool |
23. No Hot Ashes – Goose | One for the future, but not heard from them in a while. Where they at?
22. Donny Benét – Working Out |
21. Mayer Hawthorne – Love Like That | MH croons his way into one of his catchiest singles ever.
20. Nick Leng – Drivers |
19. Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me |

18. The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra | Easily one of the most fun singles of 2016.
17. Spencer Ludwig – Right Into U | Sexy saxophones horn themselves into the top half of the list.
16. Iggy Pop – Sunday |
15. Drake – One Dance |
You can’t deny, it’s a great song.
14. Kid Bloom – Lately It Feels Alright |
13. HONNE – Someone That Loves You |
12. Phlake – Pregnant | FINALLY. A sexy song about pregnancy. Yass.
11. Viola Beach – Boys That Sing | RIP.


10. Diskopunch – Fire | An Indie number steeped in sketchy guitar riffs, slick melodies and a chorus that absolutely knocks you for six. It’s ridiculously catchy.

09. Falcon Punch – Higher | Soft piano chords, shimmering cymbals and a vocal hook that immediately sets the tone. Turn down the lights, light some scented candles, it’s time to get down.

08. White Denim – Stiff | An infectiously catchy track with seriously noodle-y guitars, bluesy vocals and an undeniable sense of quality throughout. It’s fun, and in a year filled with horribleness it’s the sort of thing we need to break away from reality.

07. Radiohead – Burn the Witch | A strong return for Radiohead sees them drop their biggest single since 2007. Pummelling strings and an overwhelming sense of unease swoons this track alongside Thom Yorke’s forever drawling vocals. Superb single.

06. Weezer – Thank God For Girls | For a track that references a cannoli it’s pretty good. The whole religion theme paired up with Weezer’s forever lovestruck formula makes for some brilliant layering, and the solid rock instrumental helps propel it into becoming one of Weezer’s best singles of the past decade.

05. Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions | TDCC have been steadily reforming themselves into a Poppier stance over the past couple records, and Bad Decisions is their hit for the change. Effortlessly groovy guitar riffs, synths and wonderful falsetto makes for easy listening.

04. Sports – Someone You’d Rather Be Dating | A heartbreakingly honest tune about having the “breakup chat” with somebody. Resigned to knowing that your SO would rather be with somebody else, Sports dazzle this track with bold basslines, echoed synths and a chorus that drearily slips it’s way into your heart.

03. Childish Gambino – Redbone | Donald Glover shifted into a funkadelic vibe for his new record, and that decision has gifted us with Redbone. Silky smooth synthesisers provide a solid backdrop for a ridiculously sexy guitar lead and vocals that shift and swoon their way into the bedroom. An excellent track, and one that always warrants an attempt to match Donald’s awesome pitch range.

02. David Bowie – Blackstar | While the world lost an icon, the galaxy gained a Blackstar. David Bowie’s swansong came in the form of a record that once again astounded the world into just how creative this man was. Blackstar is no exception, combining all sorts of elements together to produce something that’s steeped in ominous foreshadowing, moody synths and pulsating basslines. Bowie’s strained vocals only add to the eventual context that quickly followed the release of the album, and this single perfectly illustrates his formulas and sound throughout his illustrious career.


01. Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong | The main thing I like to hear in music is groove. If a song has a sweet bassline or a beat that seeps into the hips then I’m gonna like it. This track goes way beyond that however, as Anderson .Paak delivers the best single of the year.

Am I Wrong immediately gets things underway with an atmosphere that’s destined for the dancefloor, creating a beat that could make even myself look good dancing. The instrumentation is packed with hints of percussion, solid drumming, synths, guitars and a bassline that scatters itself amongst the sound. It’s tempo maintains a pace that allows everybody to get involved, and it succeeds in it’s purpose to put a smile on everybody’s faces.

It’s an excellent tune and one that will be repeated whenever somebody needs to have a good time, and arguably, that’s the biggest thing we ask from Music.

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