Jacob Seeger / “Down”

After landing five sync placements on CBS, signing with AWAL, and achieving over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify within a few months, Jacob Seeger shows promise as a rising Pop/R&B artist in the industry. From Motown’s Mavin Gaye up to today’s Drake, Jacob’s influences stem primarily throughout the history of R&B music. Yet with additional inspiration from music spanning across all genres, Jacob takes a unique spin on what contemporary Pop/R&B sounds like.

With a simple message of: if you’re down to be together with me then let’s do it, ‘Down‘ is a warm, playful song that reflects the excitement of defining a new relationship. By combining his love of all types of music with his roots in R&B, everyone can find a sound in Jacob’s music that they can relate to.


Featured on:
New Lease Music, The Music Mermaid, LA Music Critic, Broken 8 Records, xttrawave, Elicit Magazine, MoggBlog, StereoStickman, Fresh Out of the Booth, The Girls at the Rock Show, Micdrop Music

Airplay on:
Banks Radio Australia, Northern Quarter and RKC

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