Track Review | Mouse Sucks – heybighead


After setting the world alight with the release of his seminal ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat’ EP, Mouse Sucks returns with a follow up titled heybighead, a track that honestly makes me a little nervous to write about. The review of the booty EP is easily the greatest review I’ve ever written, and I fear that this review might be more of a The Dark Knight Rises follow up than a LOTR: Return of the King follow up. Nobody wants to see that happen, even with Bane’s voice.

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Album Review | Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness


It’s funny how everybody’s idea of an idyllic picture is different to everybody else’s. Some people say being besides the beach soaking up the sun is their idea of paradise, while others enjoy being in the company of others. They’re even some people who would say being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a City’s waking moments is the purpose of life but to me idyllic is a moment that allows you to switch off the mind for a while, and enjoy some good music.

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Song of the Week | Maya Killtron – Bad Decisions


Ten years ago I was a kid swept with long hair and steeped in the notion that heavy guitar riffs should be the only thing I listen to for the rest of history. I wore a lot of black and was focused heavily on making sure my Emo-friendly fringe stayed in place by aggressively flicking my head back and forth every 2 minutes or so. In other words, I was a bit lame. Fast forward to today and I absolutely love the socks out of Bad Decisions, the funky, hair-flick defying jam from Maya Killtron.

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An Interview With | Terra Lightfoot

Hello! Welcome to another interview, this time with Terra Lightfoot! We reviewed her latest single ‘All Alone’ at the tail end of 2016 and enjoyed her use of fuzzy power chords and sprinkled melodies to produce a great track. In this interview we talk about Terra’s latest album Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, plans for 2017 and how the music scene is in Canada. Enjoy!

Hey Terra, how’s it going? I’m great. I have a coffee on my desk and I’m staring out the window at some really cute birds in my backyard. How are you? (EDITOR NOTE: I am good thank you.)

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Release of the Week | Tuxedo – Fux with the Tux EP


Ohhhhhh my! Tuxedo set the world alight with their funky, baby-making and bedroom grooving music back in 2015 but has returned with a surprising drop of a new EP titled Fux with the Tux. I saw Mayer Hawthorne last year and it was the greatest gig that left me a little hot and bothered and I have been saving a Tuxedo boner ever since, and now it’s time to let that boner loose.

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