Liner Notes

Liner Notes | January 17

The first Liner Notes of 2017. We talk about aspirations, redesigns, new ideas and all kinds of dumb stuff.

Happy New Year everybody! I hope the closing moments of 2016 made way for a wonderful introduction into 2017, and that you have all the resolutions and goals in place to make this year the best time for you to finally become the Kings and Queens you all deserve to be. Yasssss. I don’t really remember a lot of my NYE but I do have a recording of the countdown to midnight and know that the other half threw up twice the next morning….oh and we had McDonalds too, which was a lifesaver.

I’m really looking forward to bringing the good vibes and good sounds to 2017 via the hype train called Sounds Good. Since starting up the blog back in August (I think) a continuous wave of love and joy has been brought to my face throughout, whether it be through simple likes and retweets, genuine submissions from artists and even making friends with music blogs too (Hi guys!). It’s been real lovely, so it’s easy to slip back into the swing of things.

The blog has had a little redesign which hopefully pleases the retinas. I recently installed Inkscape which means I can finally design my own banners and featured images for certain posts rather than gormlessly scrolling Google Images for a nice “2016” to flood last year’s List Week with. Also, who knew drop down lists could be so easy to create? Crazy!

We’re also planning to keep keeping on with regards to the kind of content that gets published each week. I really like the variety we’ve got going on these days, so will continue to ensure interview Qs are sent out and random ideas of the mind are explored. One idea that shines out right now involves the interviews, and a certain question that allows the artist to come up with a bio for the Sounds Good Twitter page. We’ll see the first bio submission published this week, and it’ll be good fun. Real good fun, until somebody submits that I love Donald Trump or something.

Another idea is how we rate music on Sounds Good. Instead of the Like it/Love it we’re gonna roll out a Sounds Good/Sounds Great rating system for 2017, meaning that things sound even more positive and just helps drive the blog’s name into your pretty skulls even more.

But for now, I’ll end it here. Here’s to a great 2017! Goodbye forever, until next month. – Adam.

P.S: To those who have followed us on Twitter, I do apologise for the automatic Crowdfire message that slips into your DMs. I ain’t playin’, just trying to expand our presence. I tried to make the message light hearted and un-annoying-y as possible, so I hope it’s not too bad.

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