Our first interview of 2017! Elsee is a singer-songwriter from Canada and last year she released a wonderful new single out called ‘Eggshells’ which just managed to sneak onto our Top 50 Singles of 2016 list. We were gutted not to be able to write a full review for it, so thought it best to throw some questions her way. In this interview we talk about New Year’s Eve, the reception of ‘Eggshells’ and her new single ‘Electric On My Feet’ which was released a few hours after these questions were sent! Enjoy, support Elsee via Facebook and Twitter and check out ‘Electric On My Feet’ too! (We’ll have a review up for it later this week)

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Hey Elsee, how’s it going?
Hi Adam, it’s going very well – about to release a new single today called “Electric On My Feet” so that’s exciting! It’s been a busy few weeks approaching the holidays and now that they’re over and 2017 has begun, I’m looking forward to getting back on track with recording.

How was your NYE? My NYE was the most low key one ever. I ordered Indian food for dinner, put on Netflix and finished watching The OA, while relaxing on the couch with my dog. I really wasn’t in the mood to go to a glitzy party this year for some reason. I pulled my year-ahead-spread from my tarot deck yesterday and my January card was the Hermit, so I feel like NYE was just setting up the theme for this next month.

Your debut ‘Eggshells’ was released last year and it’s dead good. Are you happy with how it was received? Absolutely! So happy. It’s been a few years since I’ve put out any original music and I really wanted to take my time with ‘Eggshells’, and my ELSEE project in general, to make sure I did it the right way. People seem to be into it and I’ve received a decent amount of good feedback. It’s definitely nice to hear modest praise for the song but for me, it just feels really good to be putting out the music I’ve been hearing in my head for so long now.

You’ve mentioned that a new single will be released quite soon into 2017. Would you be able to spare us any details about it? It’s coming out today! Once this interview is up on SG, it’ll already be out into the universe. It’s called “Electric On My Feet” and it’s the unashamedly poppy, Saturday-night-out, dance song that I’ve been trying to write for a while. I like to refer to it as my Marvin Gaye meets HAIM song so make of that what you will.

‘Eggshells’ features a pretty bluesy sound as well as traits of Pop. Is this a sound we should expect to hear on future releases? I love the blues-rock groove that ‘Eggshells’ has and I definitely want to incorporate that sound into more, so if it lends well to future songs then yes for sure. My musical influences span many decades and genres so the hard part, when it comes to the production of the songs, is making them sound cohesive. I’m really into the classic rock sound of the 70s, but I also love pop, soul, blues, and jazz so it’s only natural for me to blend them all together and see what happens.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2017? I have a few swimming around in my head but I need to write them down. I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and writing down goals – the big and the small. I’ve been doing all of my own promotion so one of the things I want to work towards is getting more coverage on the songs (thanks to SG for this one!), and finishing the EP by March is another. One of my non-music related goals is to make more time for nature and be more active outdoors. Hamilton is home to some beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls so I want to get out and explore the area more this year as well.

Finally, I’ve been struggling recently to come up with something good to put on the bio of SG’s Twitter page. Would you be able to help us out at all?  How about this:  SG. Sounds Good. Solid Gold. Sweet Grooves. Always something new, always Something Great.


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