Track Review | Saxsyndrum – Up To You

Saxophones. That's all.


It’s often said in my mind that the Saxophone makes morning’s at least 67% happier. Most days I fear I may have messed myself in the mornings and while fortunately that hasn’t happened thus far, I do feel confident that when the inevitable strikes, Saxsyndrum’s Up To You would make it seem not that bad. The now-trio have detracted away from their usual sound and headed into a new direction that’s more immediate and “poppy” according to the media. Now packed with a singer, Saxsyndrum utilise another element to help Up To You sound even more accessible to listeners.

With an intro that immediately drives the aforementioned statement home, Up To You lays down a solid Saxophone riff alongside scatty electric drums to produce something that’s young, dumb and filled with fun. But the band do hark back to their roots by expanding the instrumental into a grand display of sax, synths and drums to add a lot of layers of depth to the single. The new addition’s vocals breathe some life into the mix, therefore completing a sound that is vibrant and full of loveliness.

Saxsyndrum have done a great job dripping their toes into a new direction. Up To You is a fun track that’s filled with hooks and a vibe that makes you want to wet yourself in the mornings. Great job guys.

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