There’s something about local artists that makes their music sound even sweeter to your ears. We’ve featured numerous artists who rep Essex and one thing it’s made us realise is how good the music scene is for this little county. It’s surprising; you wouldn’t expect the people of Basildon to produce good musicians. The other day I saw a man argue with a Pigeon, it’s surprising. Holly Hannigan is another local artist who has just dropped her new Holly Hannigan EP, which features four tracks that offer up a little bit of Blues, a little bit of Soul, and a little bit of wee came out when I heard it for the first time.

‘Don’t Believe In Love’ kicks things off with guitars that swells the air with Bluesy melodies and a mellow atmosphere that’s the perfect backdrop for Holly’s vocals, which croon their way around the instrumental, producing a sound that makes for some nice listening. This is a sound that’s apparent throughout the EP, as the likes of ‘Let Me Be’ delivers a smooth set of harmonies that just hugs the eardrums, while ‘Not So Long’ offers another solid set of guitar melodies.

Holly Hannigan EP is a great EP. Holly Hannigan has produced a record that encapsulates the listener in a world full of warm guitar tones, downtrodden melodies and soaring harmonies to completely engage and captivate them. ‘Blue Eyes’ in particular is a particularly highlight for us, and the rest of the EP is just as good too.


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