Song of the Week | Elsee – Electric on My Feet


If you checked out the blog earlier this week you would probably know who Elsee is by now. The Canadian singer-songwriter as appeared on our radar since late last year with the release of her track ‘Eggshells’ which slunk and shimmered it’s way into our heart. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to write a full review for it but we’ve made extra sure to get something written for the release of her new single, Electric on My Feet.

While ‘Eggshells’ strutted it’s stuff through the medium of Bluesy guitar riffs Electric on My Feet chooses to show off what it’s Mumma gave it a little differently. Hazy guitar riffs ring out into a sea of pulsating basslines and snappy drum beats to immediately wash over the airwaves with a laid back, electric atmosphere. Sketchy guitar riffs add a little bit of dance to the mix, while Elsee’s vocals illustrate that perhaps there’s more of a swaying-on-the-dancefloor kind of action going on.

Electric on My Feet is a wonderful new single from Elsee. It does a great job at keeping things mellow while delivering on some pretty danceable elements at the same time. It’s a lovely song, and we’re very pleased to call it our first Song of the Week of 2017.

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