Our favourite little discovery of last year, Howlie returns with a new track titled Emptiness Again. This is something that I, as a sufferer of IBS, rarely say.

Emptiness Again is another acoustic number intent on grabbing at the heartstrings as lazily strummed guitars ring out sombre chords calling out for some warmth, while Howlie’s vocals project a kind of pained existence that tells a story of losing a loved one. The lyrics, as always with Howlie’s music are extremely intimate to the point of easily allowing you to join him on a similar emotional journey, and it’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

Howlie continues to astound with his steady output of solid DIY material.  I could listen to his acoustic numbers all day, and I cannot wait to hear what he has in store for 2017.


  1. Beautiful (of course!)…and devastatingly sad. It’s brilliant the way the lyrics hide the thing nobody wants to believe–death and a funeral. It’s amazing that the shock of this could exist in music so low-key and gentle. Brilliant stuff!

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