Last year we stumbled upon Lampshades, a punk/noise rock band determined to bash your face into the ground. We checked out and loved their single ‘Thrills’ and their new EP ‘In Media Res’ and grew to have a new found appreciation for Lampshades in general. We’re very excited to bring you an interview with them! Check out their social sites and start digging their music, and enjoy.

Hey Lampshades, how’s it going? Things are going great! Coming out of the holidays and getting things moving again.  Rehearsals resume this week for some upcoming shows. We’re headed to Guelph on January 14thand Hamilton on the 19th. Then a Toronto show on February 25th at Handlebar. We’re also working on a new song titled “One Trick Pony” that’s pretty dynamic and moody. We’ve played it live once already and it’s feeling great.

How was NYE for you? Quiet on the music side of things. We took a nice break but still kept in contact everyday while promoting our EP a little as well. We were already talking about 2017!

2016 saw the release of your new EP ‘In Media Res’. Are you happy with how it turned out and how it was received? Absolutely happy with how it turned out. We had a great experience recording in Hamilton at Threshold Recording Studios.  The whole thing was laid down in 3 days and is a great representation of our sound. That being said we definitely learned a lot and are heading into the next phase of writing/recording with confidence. So far the reception for the EP has been great as well. Albeit things move a little slow at times! People have said some really nice things that make us excited to keep moving.  It was just nice to release these songs we’d been sitting on for so long.

The EP features a blend of hard-hitting noise rock and more melody-driven tracks, producing a well-rounded listen over its five tracks. Was it a priority to showcase how diverse you could take your sound or was it simply a matter of how things turned out to be? I would say more it’s how things turned out. A couple of those songs are some of the first ever written by us so the EP is really a great capture of how we took shape as a band during the months before recording.  That being said, the 3 of us definitely bring our own uniqueness to each song , so I think we’ll always have well-rounded releases.

What’s next for Lampshades? New singles, touring…We just released our second single ‘Forest of My Mind’ from the EP with a lyric video. Another one will definitely follow in the coming weeks. We’re working on getting a mini tour together to head to Ottawa and Montreal. All while focusing on writing some new material as well!

Have you set yourselves any goals for 2017? We’d definitely like to find ourselves in the studio again before the year is out. Other than that just getting our EP into as many hands and ears as possible by playing shows and beefing up our online presence.

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  1. I love their music – sort of like what you’d get if Nirvana, The Cure and Dyslexic Postcards collectively gave birth to a band! Also love your comment about them being ‘determined to bash your face into the ground.’ That’s what makes your writing so highly enjoyable to read, Adam. And finally, what a great line for Lampshades to give you for your blog!

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