Song of the Week | Shmoo – pLaStIc SuRgErY


Following from their very well received single ‘Ghost’, Shmoo return with a new single called pLaStIc SuRgErY, which is known to be 143% more difficult to type correctly than any other leading word in existence.

This exploration back to the 80’s sees Shmoo revel in delivering Mini Moog basslines and synth sounds that could make R2D2 pop a semi with nostalgic goodness, immediately bringing the listener back into a galaxy far, far away. The chorus erupts into a wondrous soundscape of electronic thunder alongside Daft Punk-esque vocals and the overwhelming desire to fill the night sky with colour; it’s superb.

pLaStIc SuRgErY is a fascinating and excellent track from Shmoo. It’s a great tribute to the robotic world of the 80’s without pandering too much to the decade of electronica, and carves out its own personal niche in the modern world of music instead. Nice work.

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