Bonobo have always been a band I’ve been aware of but never dived deep into their discography to discover what they’re really about. Boy what a mistake that was. Migration is the new album from Simon Green’s project, and it is gorgeous.

Migration kicks off with it’s title track which is determined to swallow the listener into a world full of sound as waves of percussion crash against a wall of fuzzy synthesisers while echoed female vocals call out in the distance. Bonobo does a great job at immediately getting the heart pumping with this ridiculous array of instruments all colliding together to introduce the world to Migration in the best way possible.

Rhye contribute their breathy vocals for ‘Break Apart’ which adds a little space between the instruments, breaking up the fight witnessed in the opening track, before reintroducing them to play nicely for ‘Outlier’ with it’s House-esque percussion and dreamy synth. My personal favourite ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ lights up the atmosphere as it lets loose with a dazzling display of Tribal vocals, synth and drums to create a huge dancefloor hit. It’s so dancey.

Migration is a superb album from Bonobo. Despite offering tracks that easily hit over the five minute mark, this record flows by as smooth as its production, and comes packed with a wide array of instrumentals determined to get the listener dancing in the happiest way imaginable.


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