Song of the Week | Maya Killtron – Bad Decisions


Ten years ago I was a kid swept with long hair and steeped in the notion that heavy guitar riffs should be the only thing I listen to for the rest of history. I wore a lot of black and was focused heavily on making sure my Emo-friendly fringe stayed in place by aggressively flicking my head back and forth every 2 minutes or so. In other words, I was a bit lame. Fast forward to today and I absolutely love the socks out of Bad Decisions, the funky, hair-flick defying jam from Maya Killtron.

Armed with a thick bassline, sketchy guitars and all the groove in the world Bad Decisions absolutely overwhelms the eardrums in joy. Maya’s vocals come in strong with a performance that throws a middle finger to all the bad romances and a light homage to all the good romances out there, and focuses instead of keeping things light, unapologetic and rife with funky, funky goodness.

Bad Decisions is an excellent track from Maya Killtron. It’s a track that leaves me breathless with satisfaction, as everything from the instrumental, vocals and vibes is produced so well that it’s impossible not to enjoy. Young me’s gonna be disappoint, but man, fuck young me. This is great.

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