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It’s funny how everybody’s idea of an idyllic picture is different to everybody else’s. Some people say being besides the beach soaking up the sun is their idea of paradise, while others enjoy being in the company of others. They’re even some people who would say being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a City’s waking moments is the purpose of life but to me idyllic is a moment that allows you to switch off the mind for a while, and enjoy some good music.

Julie Byrne is somebody responsible for producing some idyllic sounds with her new album Not Even Happiness, which sees Julie offer up another set of beautifully crafted songs a second time around. Armed mostly with a guitar and a set of reverb, this is a record that offers up paradise in the most intimate of ways.

‘Follow My Voice’ kicks off Not Even Happiness with warm acoustic chords producing a slither of sunlight upon a frosty landscape created by the cold of the reverb. Julie’s vocals haunt with a lasting impression while hints of synthesiser add little edges of chilliness to the mix, altogether creating a springtime sound that absolutely captivates the mind.

This scattering of sunshine remains throughout the rest of the album, with the likes of ‘Melting Grid’ upping the tempo for strings to contribute a touch of dazzle to the mix and ‘Morning Dove’ holding a kind of silver lining vibe to it, before the wishy-washy sounds of the sea brings down the momentum to a halt on ‘Sea as It Glides’.

Not Even Happiness is a wonderful album from Julie Byrne. It does a superb job enveloping the listener into it’s world built up of dense forests experiencing the changes of Autumn as each track treads through the frost covered leaves and the cold, crisp air. It’s steeped in well-crafted instrumentals, and it’s just lovely.

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