Track Review | Mouse Sucks – heybighead

Mouse Sucks returns with a new track called 'heybighead'. Please read the review of the EP.


After setting the world alight with the release of his seminal ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat’ EP, Mouse Sucks returns with a follow up titled heybighead, a track that honestly makes me a little nervous to write about. The review of the booty EP is easily the greatest review I’ve ever written, and I fear that this review might be more of a The Dark Knight Rises follow up than a LOTR: Return of the King follow up. Nobody wants to see that happen, even with Bane’s voice.

Despite the raw, booty-powered production of ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat’ Mouse Sucks delved into a lot of ambitious ideas that helped it become a wonderfully original EP. It appears for heybighead that the production has improved slightly as things decide to focus on the top of the human body and not the bottom. A simple beat kicks things off with hints of percussion and electronic glitches before some heavily-shifted vocals begin to lead the way for the track to proceed talking about “shooting your shot with someone you have a past with”. It’s romance in it’s rawest form, it’s shooting your load and blowing your front, now there’s semen AND feelings out in the open. Terrible.

Mouse Sucks’ flow does work well against the mechanical instrumental as he croons his way through the chorus and spits his way through the verses, delivering bars that actually have a touch of groove to them. Nice work.

Heybighead is a solid track from Mouse Sucks. It offers up more simplicity in its beats but personal lyricism that extends beyond just shooting a load, allowing it to have a little more depth than its topic. Mouse Sucks is releasing a new record for 2017, and I am excited. If it follows the same formula as this track and has all the booty-eating ideas as the EP then it’s definitely going to be a historic release. I can’t wait.

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  1. I love this review Adam! On point!

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