Release of the Week | Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes


Ahh, Los Campesinos! I remember the summer of 2008 as a sprightly, long haired 14 year old coming off the tailend of joyously experiencing the sound of QOTSA and the Desert Rock scene to joyously scour the internet for recommendations of music nobody ever heard of before. The Welsh outfit were relentlessly recommended by music fans and hipsters in all requests for new music, and boy what a time it was to be alive and in the centre of knowing who Los Campesinos! were.

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Song of the Week | Violet Contours – Electric Bodies


Small music blogs are a great part of the music industry. As detailed in a wonderful article by ReverbNation recently, us enthusiastic music fans are responsible for helping out artists to help them create a bit of noise for themselves, hopefully lending some additional buzz along the way. One particular thing we’re great at doing is featuring bands who you may never have heard of before, and thanks to Mytacism Music, we heard about Violet Contours.

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Release of the Week | Church of Trees – Primitive Creatures EP


Sometimes it takes a sudden event to realise that we’re all alive. It’s so easy to get caught in the monotony of life that it can become hard to get out of it, and to start living properly for a change. Canadian duo Church of Trees were determined to bring us out of the funk on their single “Crumbs (There’s Only Now)” which was spurned by the sudden demise of David Bowie. The blend of 80’s sci-fi electronica and dream pop made for some good listening, and we’re hopeful it carries over on the duo’s new EP Primitive Creatures.

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Track Review | Said the Whale – Step Into the Darkness


Whales are awe-inspiring creatures that deserve to be celebrated across the globe. Moby Dick defied all the people trying to keep him down, there’s a giant Whale that floats high up in the Natural History Museum, and it cannot be a coincidence that people describe a good time as having a “Whale of a time”. Said The Whale are set to drop new record As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide in March and have also released ‘Step Into The Darkness’ as a single for us all to sink our gills into.

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An Interview With | Fox Medicine

The art of writing about other people’s music can suffer with tediousness at times, so when you have a connection with a particular artist it can really rejuvenate your desire to keep at it. Fox Medicine have been an injection of glee since we checked out their mindmelting Noise Nurse Demos last month, so you cannot believe how stoked we are to have an interview with them. Easily the most entertaining interview we’ve had so far, and please forgive them for reading the closing question properly…I hadn’t the heart to tell them it was about helping US out with a bio. Nevermind. Enjoy.

Hey Fox Medicine, how’s it going? Nee: It’s going really good, I’m so excited because we got a new jam space last night!!!  Vanny: Never better, I’m sick today.

What’s the story behind the birth of this beautiful monster? Nee: Well, thank you for the compliment first of all!! The monster lives in everyone, but I chose to dress mine up and give it a voice and let it out of its cage. Life is hard with the monster locked up and no release. I hope it helps other people with releasing their own beasts..  I basically wanted to make music that I couldn’t find out there. Nothing current really satisfied me or was heavy or interesting enough, the way that bands were when i was growing up.. oh man I am a 90’s child all the way.

Vanny: Fox Medicine is a result of many years of brewing and fermenting and a little bit of luck. Meeting Nee basically resulted in us jamming, but in a different format (Nee on drums and me on Keys) and then eventually we switched to what felt most natural, which is Nee as the songwriter, on guitar.

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Song of the Week | Gallops – Darkjewel


Reunions are a nice thing. Dinosaur Jr. continue to be the main reason why reunions can be great for bands, and it seems Gallops are going to become another. Having formed in 2010 and received much praise throughout the UK they suddenly broke up in 2013 and it seemed all that potential would be wasted. Fortunately they decided to give it another go and reformed in 2016, this time as a trio. Soon they will be releasing new album Bronze Mystic in April but we do have a single in the form of “Darkjewel” to enjoy, all seven minutes of it.

“Darkjewel” is a behemoth of a track. Kicking off immediately with a heavy dose of house-esque bass, the next seven minutes continue to maintain a lot of the thunderous energy gained from it’s intro. Despite featuring no vocals it does a great job at progressing into a hellish nightmare with all sorts of hard-hitting drums, funky guitars and other twists and turns to keep things fresh and keep the eardrums guessing.

It’s danceable, angry and a little bit scary, but Gallops have done themselves proud by delivering a stonking song to cement a triumphant return. Goddamn.

Gallops’ new album Bronze Mystic is out on 21st April via Blood & Biscuits Records.