Hi everybody! It is now February of 2017 which means another dazzling dose of Liner Notes. This was set for the start of the month – there was a draft all typed and everything – but laziness struck.

The reason there’s been a general lack of any content lately is because I was in New York City for five days. It was my girlfriend’s birthday and she wanted to shop her little pea head off, so off we went to NYC. The Big Apple. The…uh…I cannot think of any other names as I’m still jetlagged. The joy.


To enter a world where billboards replaced trees is certainly something, and having the cast of Sesame Street chase you down in a photo zone is something I never wish to recreate again, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. The landmarks are cool, most people are friendly and the food tastes great and often came in massive portions or with a side of potatoes. It was good.

One music-related anecdote I have involves rappers from the Bronx handing over CDs of their hot new mixtapes with the leader stating how they were making music with “no profanities” to promote the good word, before stating how “all donations are appreciated”. This “request” immediately became a demand. I was on board with supporting the music and whatnot but if you’re gonna throw “free music” at me and try to turn a donation into a mandatory demand then nah man, that’s not cool. I handed them £5 because socially awkward and think I left the CD in the trash bin of the hotel. Darn it.


Now reality has returned back to normal the blog can get back on track and get posting about good music again! This means reviews will make a return very soon, and questions will be sent out to various artists around the world to get An Interview With back in the frame too. It’s all very exciting!

One thing I’ve decided to try and make a change is the music featured, mainly where it’s coming from. In recent weeks the blog has predominantly written about music from Canada, and while this is great Sounds Good is a blog from the UK. It’s known for producing the best new artists around, so this should be celebrated. From now we will make a conscious effort to big up the best UK artists while also giving props to good music from around the world too.

I’m close to passing out from the jetlag so I should end things here. Thank you all for having the patience you gave while the blog was content-less. I will look to amend that very shortly by bringing some real good music to your ears very soon. With love, with care, goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam


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