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There are a couple artists we’re looking forward to releasing music this year and Bleeker’s one of them. Since checking out ‘Where’s Your Money’ in October we’ve been anticipating their debut album Erase You. It’s out now, and boy are we excited.

‘Where’s Your Money’ appealed to our eardrums through it’s relentless desire to drive rock n roll riffage right into our faces. It’s driving guitars lead the way for pummelling drums and passionate vocals to round up what becomes a well-rounded, complete rock song. Fortunately this is a formula Bleeker stick to throughout Erase You.

Tracks such as ‘Highway’, ‘Free’ and ‘Still Got Love’ follow suit with three sets of hard hitting instrumentals determined to knock your jaw off. The latter’s acoustic guitar softens the blow a little but does allow the record to remain pretty rough-edged, which allows the record to flow a little easier.

The softer side of Bleeker does make itself heard a little bit louder other than as part of a heavier tune. Tracks like ‘I’m Not Laughing Now’ and ‘Emergency’ allow the record to take a breather and to let out some emotion, making these tracks come steeped in melodies and holier-than-tho harmonies which add a touch of uplifting vibes once again producing another well-rounded performance.

Erase You introduces the world to Bleeker and is a record packed with riffs, harmonies and melodies, often contained within a mindset to simply have a good time. The result is a set of material that completes a very well-crafted performance. Nice work.

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