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Release of the Week | Girl Friend – At This Time of Night EP

Girl Friend deliver their first offering for 2017: the superb 'At This Time of Night' EP.


One of the brightest prospects in music has to be Girl Friend. Since forming in 2015, the quartet from Manchester have continued to maintain a sterling discography with various EP releases that has shown a progression from a new band to an established act determined to get you dancing. They have just dropped new EP At This Time of Night, and once again it doesn’t fail to impress.

Always ones to bring the sound of the 80’s to modern times, Girl Friend don’t disappoint with At This Time of Night. Opener “Eight in the Morning” kicks off proceedings with an intro steeped in nostalgic vibes, with bright and vibrant synthesisers delivering a sound that’s upbeat for some optimistic vocals to produce a solid start.

“Call Me If You’re Lonely” sinks into the drama as a rush of bass, guitars and disco-tinged drums lay down an instrumental that gets the hips shaking. This track is ridiculously catchy, and easily one of the best Girl Friend have made thus far.

At This Time of Night is a fantastic EP. Girl Friend have established themselves as a hot new band and delivering something as self-assured as this proves that the hype is justified. The EP features some of their strongest material yet, and yeah, these guys are good.

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