Track Review | Samantha Crain – Antiseptic Greeting

Samantha Crain build hype for her new record with this sweet new single 'Antiseptic Greeting'.


You know when you have a song stuck in your head all day? This is one of those. Samantha Crain will be releasing her new album You Had Me At Goodbye in March and has already dropped two singles – “Oh Dear Louis” and “Antiseptic Greeting” – from it. But it’s the latter that’s the real earworm here. Goodness me.

This song perfectly illustrates the everyday struggle of modern life. The constant notion to be upbeat all the time, to smile at everyone you pass, to say good morning to your neighbour – basically to be a happy bastard all the time. With it’s dreamy instrumental composed of dazing piano melodies and simply catchy drums, this is a track that forces you to experience the same “away with the fairies” vibe as Samantha feels when out in public. It’s great.

Samantha Crain’s You Had Me At Goodbye will be released on March 24th 2017 via Full Time Hobby.

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