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The art of writing about other people’s music can suffer with tediousness at times, so when you have a connection with a particular artist it can really rejuvenate your desire to keep at it. Fox Medicine have been an injection of glee since we checked out their mindmelting Noise Nurse Demos last month, so you cannot believe how stoked we are to have an interview with them. Easily the most entertaining interview we’ve had so far, and please forgive them for reading the closing question properly…I hadn’t the heart to tell them it was about helping US out with a bio. Nevermind. Enjoy.

Hey Fox Medicine, how’s it going? Nee: It’s going really good, I’m so excited because we got a new jam space last night!!!  Vanny: Never better, I’m sick today.

What’s the story behind the birth of this beautiful monster? Nee: Well, thank you for the compliment first of all!! The monster lives in everyone, but I chose to dress mine up and give it a voice and let it out of its cage. Life is hard with the monster locked up and no release. I hope it helps other people with releasing their own beasts..  I basically wanted to make music that I couldn’t find out there. Nothing current really satisfied me or was heavy or interesting enough, the way that bands were when i was growing up.. oh man I am a 90’s child all the way.

Vanny: Fox Medicine is a result of many years of brewing and fermenting and a little bit of luck. Meeting Nee basically resulted in us jamming, but in a different format (Nee on drums and me on Keys) and then eventually we switched to what felt most natural, which is Nee as the songwriter, on guitar.

What’s it like being a member of Fox Medicine? Nee: It’s exhilarating and magical, and sometimes too much to handle. I feel like some kind of vessel or slave in Fox Medicine and its using me in order to take shape in the real world. I can’t even sleep without it knocking on my door.

Vanny: It’s really fun because we are starting to create a buzz and I can’t wait to start the recording process again. We recorded our EP with whatever technology and knowledge we had, and we learned a lot in the process, so the next record will definitely benefit from all that acquired wisdom…

You released a new EP last year Based on Need and a collection of demos too. How has the reception been for both releases and are you pleased with how they turned out?

Nee: Well the funny thing is that we released Based on Need and then suddenly had all these huge changes in our lives, like school commitments, work relocation, moving countries and we basically kind of neglected the promotional aspect of it.. However since we started playing shows, more and more people are finding us and giving us really good feedback. We just wanted to put something out there to get the ball rolling. I have so much awesome shit up my sleeve and I can’t wait to put out bigger and better records. But regarding the reception, I mean the people it speaks to really like it.. Obviously it doesn’t speak to everyone and that’s fine.. It’s not meant for those people anyway- they can listen to the radio and live their lives…


Vanny: Both releases were kind of like demos to me..  a sort of mission statement of our intent and of what’s to come. I’m happy with how noisy and dirty it is for sure.. Mostly we want to bring heavy music back, because we refuse to give up the fight against DJ’s, dance music, pop and rap. Album sales of heavy bands do not rank up to those genres, but when you play live, people really connect with the energy of a tight live band that moves them. People have a lot more power than they realize.. I mean they can support big mainstream artists and then get more of the same regurgitated garbage, or they can support bands with something more interesting to say and have a more unique experience. It’s up to the people really, but we want to make sure that they still have some options to choose from when supporting music, because it’s getting harder and harder for the guitar to keep its relevance. One of the most common reactions we get is “Oh, guitar music.. how refreshing”. It’s actually gotten to that point!!

Nee: Oh I forgot to add, we’ll be releasing “Financial Elevator” as a Single on iTunes, because everyone digs that one a lot. It was actually the first song written specifically for Fox Medicine and I was really obsessed with my calculator at the time.

What spurned you into releasing the demos to the masses? Will we see any of them used for future releases? Nee: Well I realized I had a lot of accumulated demos and they represent certain moments in time for me, which I don’t really want to re-record or re-live, hahaha and one night I started listening to them and thought well these little piggies should just be let out into the world and maybe someone will be able to enjoy them.. basically just for the fuck of it.. cuz why not! We might re-record Touch Gold though!

What has been the craziest story gained from being a part of the band? Nee: Well I don’t have anything too crazy to tell you… My collection of stalkers keeps growing, but aside from that..  My favorite is really when some shy little girl comes up to me and presses 10 dollars into my hand for one of our albums and says nothing more, because I used to be that shy little girl at concerts when I realized music was the best thing about life and all that mattered.. It just warms my heart.

You describe your sound as a mix of Noise Rock/Art Metal and Sludge. Does having a few genres to choose from make it easier to produce material? Nee: Well, sure.. It’s gives me flexibility to blur the lines between genres.. but the music comes first and I came up with those descriptions because they fit the music based on what’s currently known or available. I mean those are genres I like, anything that’s creative and tries to push its own genre appeals to me so that’s what I’m trying to do. I mean you can just as well call it grunge or BBQ music for girl gangs..

Vanny: It’s unfortunate that you have to even pick a genre, because ideally we want to appeal to everybody. I mean you have to narrow it down, so that your people will find you. Maybe one day in the perfect world those genres won’t be as obscure and more people will readily embrace them.


What does the future hold for Fox Medicine? Touring, new music etc…Nee: We’re really in love with our new songs right now and will be recording in the spring! We love playing shows, so we want to play as many as possible and tour the west coast for starters!

Vanny: We just moved into a new studio and love it. We wanna start a movement, because people seem to be really thirsty for something different and heavy. Our presence on social media is really non-existent, so we have to get better at that.. I mean we were basically trying to avoid the whole thing altogether and then we learned… oh no you have to have an instagram.. so we just made one yesterday.

Nee: Oh yeah that’s true. We’ve tried to resist for so long and now we caved. This social media thing is so strange to me. It sucks you into the void.

Finally, we have been asking all of our interviewees to provide us with a solid bio for our Twitter page. Would you mind contributing to it? We’re rubbish with bios.

We are Fox Medicine, a band consisting of Neezy Dynamite -Guitar/vocals and Vanny Keeps (drums/vocals/synths)and we make elegant Noise Rock/Art Metal with Sludgy tendencies. We currently live in rainy, mystical Eugene, OR.

Although we believe ourselves to be of outer worldly origin, we write songs about human problems such as fantasies about alien abduction or getting out of debt. Fox Medicine can fill your 90’s desires with modern sludge infusions and a sparkling noise rock flair. We offer music for outsiders and people whose appetites aren’t sufficiently addressed in the mainstream arena. Take your noise pills and crush your opponents with secret powers!!!

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