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Song of the Week | Gallops – Darkjewel

Our #SOTW this week is the seven minute behemoth that is Gallops' 'Darkjewel'.


Reunions are a nice thing. Dinosaur Jr. continue to be the main reason why reunions can be great for bands, and it seems Gallops are going to become another. Having formed in 2010 and received much praise throughout the UK they suddenly broke up in 2013 and it seemed all that potential would be wasted. Fortunately they decided to give it another go and reformed in 2016, this time as a trio. Soon they will be releasing new album Bronze Mystic in April but we do have a single in the form of “Darkjewel” to enjoy, all seven minutes of it.

“Darkjewel” is a behemoth of a track. Kicking off immediately with a heavy dose of house-esque bass, the next seven minutes continue to maintain a lot of the thunderous energy gained from it’s intro. Despite featuring no vocals it does a great job at progressing into a hellish nightmare with all sorts of hard-hitting drums, funky guitars and other twists and turns to keep things fresh and keep the eardrums guessing.

It’s danceable, angry and a little bit scary, but Gallops have done themselves proud by delivering a stonking song to cement a triumphant return. Goddamn.

Gallops’ new album Bronze Mystic is out on 21st April via Blood & Biscuits Records.

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