Track Review | Said the Whale – Step Into the Darkness


Whales are awe-inspiring creatures that deserve to be celebrated across the globe. Moby Dick defied all the people trying to keep him down, there’s a giant Whale that floats high up in the Natural History Museum, and it cannot be a coincidence that people describe a good time as having a “Whale of a time”. Said The Whale are set to drop new record As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide in March and have also released ‘Step Into The Darkness’ as a single for us all to sink our gills into.

Complete with spacious synths, upbeat drums and ominous bass Said The Whale produce a sound that makes stepping into the unknown a much more comfortable prospect. The chorus soars with a rush of thunderous guitar riffs and vocal harmonies to add a bit of colour to the abyss, altogether creating a track that builds a touch of buzz for the new record.

‘Step Into The Darkness’ is a catchy track that hits the sweet spot with it’s level of pure Pop goodness. It’s full of melodies and harmonies that help it become a blissful listen that warrants many more, and also gets us a little excited for the new record.

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