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Release of the Week | Church of Trees – Primitive Creatures EP

Church of Trees drop a wonderful new EP in the form of Primitive Creatures.


Sometimes it takes a sudden event to realise that we’re all alive. It’s so easy to get caught in the monotony of life that it can become hard to get out of it, and to start living properly for a change. Canadian duo Church of Trees were determined to bring us out of the funk on their single “Crumbs (There’s Only Now)” which was spurned by the sudden demise of David Bowie. The blend of 80’s sci-fi electronica and dream pop made for some good listening, and we’re hopeful it carries over on the duo’s new EP Primitive Creatures.

Complete with five tracks that all hit over the four minute mark easily, Primitive Creatures is an EP that forces the listener into taking some time to enjoy it. Church of Trees’ sound is one that relies heavily on space, often filling out their instrumentals with layers of instruments with huge breaks of space inbetween, creating an atmosphere that helps push the listener into living again. The idyllic vibes that protrude from this EP makes it easy to drift into its presence, and helps remove us all from the monotony of life.

“She’s the Star” opens the EP with a dreamy beat that immediately washes a wave of calm over the airwaves, which is backed up by the soft beats of the drums and driven straight into the mind by the breathy, cloud-esque voice of Felicity DeCarle. This sound continues as the title track swims in at its own pace amongst a dramatic performance from the synths, and also brings a wailing guitar section that expands the track into a ballad full of ambition with derailing the overall mood of the EP.

By the time “Always Away” closes proceedings you should be deep within the EP, and wrapped up in its gorgeously crafted instrumentals. The track’s subtle hints of funk in the bass adds accessibility to it, but retains most of the hazy elements that has helped Church of Trees’ sound stand out strongly.

Primitive Creatures is a great EP from Church of Trees. It creates a world that appears still and full of silence, but is full of little layers of sound to keep things interesting throughout. It’s a relaxing experience that allows you to feel alive, and does a great job at keeping things in perspective.

5 comments on “Release of the Week | Church of Trees – Primitive Creatures EP

  1. Good listening indeed! And an exceptionally well-written review, Adam.

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  2. So true. When I really like the music, the review seems to flow effortlessly from my brain to the page.


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