Best Of | February 17

As we grow older each day we come to realise that time is something that never seems to slow down, and everybody battles to keep up to date with the latest trend. Whether it be news, entertainment, weekend plans, everybody’s almost always thinking about the next thing in their lives. We at Sounds Good | a music blog produce six pieces of new content each week, and feel that it’s pretty good. This post is all about the content we feel brought the best out of February 2017, and all about giving another chance for good music to slip into your ears. Please take a minute to forget about the future, and reminisce about the past. (Apologies about this being so short, I hadn’t realise just how short February is!)

Church of Trees – Primitive Creatures | EP Review | ROTW
Girl Friend – At This Time Of Night | EP Review | ROTW
The Lunar Year – Porcelain | Track Review | SOTW

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January 17

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