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EP Review | Cavalcade – Cavalcade EP

Cavalcade are a brand new band and this is their debut EP 'Cavalcade'.


It’s said that flattery gets you everywhere, but in terms of reviewing music I like to think I maintain some integrity. However, when a band submits their music with a greeting of “Adam, you beautiful man!” integrity falls quicker than my pants to my ankles. This charming band is Cavalcade, a brand new band from the lovely Barking & Dagenham and this is their debut EP Cavalcade. These guys have been around for less than twelve months, but already look set to make some waves, and I’m not taking about the ones in my pants.

Complete with four tracks, Cavalcade look set to introduce the world to their sound with a solid display of straight up rock music determined to make your hips wiggle. Opening track ‘Anita’ bursts into place with solid rhythms of palm muted guitars and clothes ripping lead licks to help make this a satisfyingly good way to say hello. With lyrics talking about various females and inviting Anita to a cubicle for a “good time” it’s clear that these guys are all about having a little bit of fun, and it really shows on this particular track.

‘Borderlines’ detracts from the youthful exuberance of ‘Anita’ and heads into a sobering route of self-discovery. Lyrics of being a different person these days slip effortlessly into a spacious instrumental comprised of cleaner guitars and a vast open area for melodies to fall into – which is also true on following track ‘Slight of Mind’ – immediately showing that Cavalcade have a mature side about themselves, and that they are all nice boys.

Things end on a high, chaotic note as ‘Midnight Comes’ enters with a set of scatty guitar riffs and crashing cymbals to create one final rush into the moshpit. Cavalcade is an EP that comes as an introduction but leaves a lasting impression as it’s a fun listen throughout, and shows off a band who are just starting out but have all the tools to make an even bigger impression in the near future. Great stuff.

3 comments on “EP Review | Cavalcade – Cavalcade EP

  1. LOL Adam, this is one of the most entertaining reviews I’ve read in a long while. You are hilarious, and a great writer to boot! Oh, and the band’s music is awesome!

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