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Release of the Week | DYLYN – Mimosa

Release of the Week 06.03.17 is DYLYN's awesome new single 'Mimosa'.


Sometimes we all forget to uncork the bottle of rage we fill on a daily basis. The other day I wondered angrily about why Take That never performed ‘Shine’ in their big performance on the finale of Let It Shine, and that resulted in me aggressively tutting at somebody at work later that week. It was completely unprovoked, and I’m ashamed to have let my emotions get the best of me.

DYLYN’s sweet debut single ‘Mimosa’ is all about that. The artist from Toronto speaks openly about gathering anxiety throughout her life, and how anybody’s able to blow their lid without even realising they’re on the brink of it. With pummelling drums bashing away the fury and deep rooted basslines digging out the source of all the hatred, ‘Mimosa’ is a superb way to cool off without even feeling like you need to cool off.

This catchy pop number is steeped in hooks, and it’s chorus is so infectious it makes me wanna get anxious just so I could listen to it again and again and feel the same effect. ‘Mimosa’ is a great song, I cannot wait to hear more from DYLYN.

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