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Song of the Week | Howlie – Dead Dog


Our favourite DIY musician is back! Howlie is scheduled to release a new EP in April titled Dead Dog, and today we’re talking about the track! As depressing as it is to think about a dead dog, it is nice to see Howlie producing and releasing music at a steady rate. Since saying nice things about his music, the singer-songwriter from America has had a new lease of life and has continued to grow into a wonderful human being, easily becoming one of my favourite discoveries since deciding to write about music a lot.

‘Dead Dog’ is a traditional Howlie: hazy, simple acoustic chords steeped in a thick blanket of lyrics detailed with heartwrenching stories and feelings to truly give off a real sad boy vibe. This track features possibly the darkest lyrics from Howlie yet “Bury all emotions under dirt behind my filthy sternum/Wrap me up in a shower curtain/Grab a gun to go see my dead dog” and is paired up twistedly with all manner of D chords and Beach Boys-esque guitar leads to really drive the morbid confusion home.

It’s another heavy tune from Howlie, and one that promises to deliver a whole set of gut wrenching stories on the Dead Dog EP. I know for certain that it’s going to be a surprise for some, but it’s also going to be real good too.

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  1. Another moody, fantastic and lyrical song from Howlie! I have an image of a young boy whose dog has died and goes to visit the grave, perhaps in his own back yard. It becomes a symbol of what he loses later on, sadly, more than once. Beyond the darkness and sadness, I sense a sort of comfort. This must have been one hell of a “boy-and-his-dog” relationship. I do hope Evan cheers up and learns to laugh at himself (in a good way), as Herman Hesse wrote.

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