EP Review | No Darling – After The Rain


When somebody describes themselves as a ‘Vaudeville Shoegaze experience’ you know you’re in for an interesting time. No Darling is the project of vocalist/drummer Matt Oloffson and this is their EP After The Rain. Everyone, it’s time to get weird.

‘Don’t Mess with Mae’ kicks things off with an intro composed of sketchy percussion, scratchy vocals and a palm-muted guitar riff that swings harder than the 50’s. No Darling pick up the tempo with a steady increase of volume that allows the track to unravel into a chaotic side-to-side dance that’s full of guitars and good vibes. It’s a solid start to the EP.

The feel good vibes seem to last as the slower-paced sounds of ‘My Sides’ lays down some soft vocals and hooks that stick into the mind, keeping the side to side sway going. Lead single ‘Tony Robbins’ delivers some nostalgic electronic goodness as a thick bassline directs the sound to drop right to the hips, and ‘Vanity’ is another chaotic mess of instruments all colliding together to form a sound that’s rough-edged and full of fire.

After The Rain is a solid EP. No Darling pack it with seven tracks that always have something going on, whether it’s the ballsy drums of ‘Shortcut’ or the mellowed mood of ‘Silver Lining’ each song has a particular element that allows to stand out in it’s own individual way. Not bad.

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