Dazy Crown is a band from Norwich who dabble in sweet melodies with their new single ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’. I always find myself dreaming about peanut butter at some point of a day, and while I keep it secured in a chamber of desire, this quartet decide to speak out about it. Fair play lads, fair play.

Kicking off with an intro full of dreamy guitar leads and equally enjoyable chords, ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ is a track that dashes the airwaves with caster sugar along the way. Dazy Crown keep the instrumental sweet and allow the vocals to float inbetween effortlessly, like a feather amongst the clouds.

It’s infectiously good, and showcases the potential of Dazy Crown. ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ is a superb song that warrants the #yum on it’s Soundcloud link, and one that also gets me excited to hear more from these guys soon.


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