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Welcome to another interview! This time around we sat and had a little chinwag with Cavalcade, a band who recently entered the world of music and introduced themselves nicely with their Cavalcade EP. In what’s possibly our favourite interview yet, we chat with the lads about how they’re finding being in a band, their EP, their aspirations. The closing answer is possibly my favourite thing in the entire world. Enjoy! P.S: Cheers for the picture of the hog lads, made my entire year seeing that lurking at the bottom!

Hey Cavalcade, how’s it going? Jack: All good Adam! Thanks for having us.
Tom: All good Adam mate!

What’s the story behind how you guys formed? Jack: I’ve known Connor since I was 4 years old, but we only decided to start a band just over a year ago. We basically had the idea of writing and recording 1 song that we could keep forever and be proud of; maybe do a one-off gig for our friends and then leave it at that. When we got Jack (Lock) and Tom on board and came together for the first time in the studio with these completed songs, there was just a spark and we haven’t stopped writing together since. It’s now been 7 months since that day and we’ve released our EP, headlined the Garage and will be headlining the Camden Assembly in May! – It really has snowballed.

Tom: Snowballed is the best way to describe it all really. It’s been an absolutely mental ride since the second I joined. Every time I think of what we’ve already achieved I can’t help but laugh! It’s a madness!

Jack (Lock): Yeah, we just decided to give the band thing a go and see what happens, turns out a lot can happen pretty quickly

Connor: It’s been a dream of mine to perform in a band and I’ve jammed with people to no avail. I’d pretty much given up on writing music having performed two extremely small solo acoustic gigs back when I was 17. Then with this lot it just clicked. We like to think our music is unapologetic in a way, we haven’t pigeon holed ourselves or tried to recreate one specific sound… at least we don’t think so anyway!

You guys are fresh out of the womb with this making music lark. How have you found it so far? Jack: Me and Tom were in an acoustic band when we were 17/18, and we’ve been writing tunes together and separately since then really. I also went to University with Jack and Connor so we had the occasional jam where I’d show them some ideas and vice versa. So I guess we’re not that new to it; for me this band has been a long time coming and its exceeded expectations, I absolutely love being a part of it. There’s no better feeling than seeing people jump up and down, enjoying themselves to a tune that you wrote in your bedroom on a rainy Sunday afternoon haha.

Tom: Being in the band with Campbell at an early age taught us both a bit about playing to people not just to each other. But playing with cavalcade has been on a whole different level! Headlining the garage in Islington and seeing a sea of people shouting back your tunes is enough to give any man goosebumps.

Jack (Lock): Our experience so far has been a little overwhelming but mostly a lot of fun.
Connor: There’s definitely a learning curve, but like I said before, something just fell into place, it didn’t feel like we were slogging away at songs, they just kind of fell into out laps naturally. The producer of the EP, Ian Flynn, certainly had a huge role in shaping the way that we approach writing new songs now.

You’ve just released your first EP Cavalcade, are you happy with the way it’s turned out and the reception it’s received? Jack: We absolutely love it. It has actually received great feedback. I don’t think we expected much – as I said before, we only started this band to write and record one or two tunes and leave it at that, so to now have a professionally recorded EP which is receiving really encouraging comments is just unreal for us. Anita in particular is doing really well – we’re actually releasing a music video for that tune in the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

Tom: we really could not be happier with how it’s been received so far. We went into the studio to record 4 tunes that we thought sounded good and it turns out loads of other people like them as well! That’s got to be a bonus

Jack (Lock): We’re more than happy with what Ian has done with our music in producing our EP. Anita recently hit 1000 views on soundcloud and we’re thrilled.

Connor: Couldn’t be happier! The feeling of taking something written at the end of a garden in East Ham and produced properly in a studio, and then to have it received so well by so many is amazing!

How did you find the recording process? Did you learn a lot for future releases? Jack: Recording the EP was quality – probably one of the best and funniest weekends of my life haha we were in there for a total of 26 hours and it was just great fun. It was produced by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse who got in contact with us after hearing our demos. He’s a sound guy and really helped us develop as a band in terms of our approach to the industry, song writing, and gave us a great insight into the recording process. I think each time you go into a studio you’ll learn something new; but we feel much more prepared for next time – I can’t wait to get back in there.

Tom: funniest weekend I’ve had in years. It was everything I’d thought a studio would be and more. I’m itching to get back in there if I’m honest haha

Jack (Lock): Recording was 26 hours over a weekend, a lot of work but a lot more fun. I’d say we learned a fair bit but Ian remains the master, with much to teach us.
Connor: Being in the studio made it all feel real. I think we really learned at that moment how much work we need to put into our songs going forward. Not easy, but easily one of the best weekends I’ve had. A sort of weird weekend away holed up in Haggerstone.

With a new release out of the way, what are you planning to do for the rest of the year? Jack: Literally gig as much as possible. We’ve applied to play for a lot of festivals and we’re hoping to plan some kind of tour over the summer. In fact I can tell you some awesome news that we received the other day… We will be playing Camden Rocks Festival 2017! So we’re buzzing for that!

Tom: The Rifles and Carl Barat of The Libertines are there too, so it’s unreal that we’re on the same bill as them!

Jack (Lock): We’ve got another headline gig coming up at the Camden Assembly, followed shortly by an appearance at Camden Rocks festival. We’re also working on a music video for Anita so look out for that.

Connor: Yeah I agree! Gigging relentlessly is our focus now, and writing new songs of course.

Do you find that it’s easier for new acts to have their music heard nowadays thanks to the likes of Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify etc? Tom: soundcloud definitely helped us find an audience. We got over 1000 plays within 2 weeks of uploading Anita! That being said we still all believe in gigging and live music. There’s nothing better than going out to the pub and seeing a band with a catchy song that sticks in your head. Hopefully we can be that band for other people.

Jack (Lock): I’d say yes it’s certainly easier to get music onto widely accessible platforms, but it’s this very fact that has led to an over-saturation of new bands.

Connor: Having music available on so many platforms is important, but more importantly for us, as a small band, is to have it be accessible from places like Spotify and Apple Music. For a band like us, and you know, other bands in the same position, to be on a major platform alongside huge artists and not hidden away on an obscure website means that everyone will be able to listen to our music. They only have to remember the name.

Finally, we’ve been asking each of our guests to provide us with a Twitter bio for the blog as we suck. Would you be able to contribute to the good cause? Jack:  Connor is usually good at coming up with quirky little one-liners……..

Connor: ……. “SoundsGood Blog, CarvedWood Hog.”

Jack: …Maybe not then…


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