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EP Review | Future Theory – Fool’s Dream

Future Theory introduce themselves strongly with their debut EP.


Future Theory are a band from Lincoln and this is their debut EP Fool’s Dream. Lincoln appears to be bringing quite a bit of buzz to itself, with it’s non-league football team reaching the quarter finals of the FA Cup, showcasing a wondrous display of true underdog goodness in an industry full of corruption and money. Future Theory will also be looking to add some glam to their home with their first offering of music, and with influences such as Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd and The Verve it’s surely going to be an entertaining listen.

‘Eye Of The Storm’ kicks things off as a vibrant, punchy affair as basslines combine with crashing drums and sparkling melodies to form a sound steeped in psychedelic goodness. I could picture the scene as a desert storm swoops in, throwing wafts of sand and the intense vocal delivery around to create a tornado of haziness to truly destroy the atmosphere. It’s a great song, and finalised nicely with a superb guitar solo and wallowing harmonies.

This level of confusion continues as ‘Horses’ features all sorts of instruments layered upon one another to flood the airwaves with more psychedelic elements. ‘Listen Closely’ aims for the immediate as it strikes a solid, funky guitar riff right at the eardrums which bares similarities to the Green Mind-era of Dinosaur Jr, and closing track ‘Horses / Koncide’ ends things on a high as the band turn towards an esoteric, electronic vibe with some surprising old school House elements making an appearance.

Future Theory certainly make a splash with Fool’s Dream. This debut EP showcases a sound that’s assured with it’s desires to blur the lines a little, and the band do a great job at keeping it constantly refreshed with numerous elements. The instrumentals are entertaining throughout, and altogether follow a cohesive route that takes you through a journey that opens the eyes and expands the mind. It’s great.

2 comments on “EP Review | Future Theory – Fool’s Dream

  1. Nice review Adam. Future Theory has been on my ‘reviews to do’ schedule for 3 weeks, and you beat me to it. I’ll get to mine next week hopefully.


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