Well this is nice. I have been nominated by Jeff of the excellent Eclectic Music Lover to take part of the ‘My Very First Post’ challenge, which sees me cringe and die a little inside as I talk about my very first blog post. I was tempted to talk about the review I did of Sleigh Bells’ Treats back in 2010 which was finally published after a weekend’s worth of internal battle of whether or not to post it, but fortunately I couldn’t find it. So we’ll talk about Liner Notes #1 | Goodbye EHS, Hello SG instead.

I’d previously housed a music blog called Exploding Head Syndrome prior to creating Sounds Good | a music blog and had begun to fall victim to a lack of motivation to keep going. I believe I’d gone through a crazy amount of changes on the blog, from posting ten to six to four to two reviews a week to changing up the design every weekend I got bored, and eventually burned out to the point of no return.

It’d also became apparent that this level of inconsistency ruined any chance of attention or audience to build, and the content I was writing was so uninspired that it just wasn’t worth the effort turning things around. It was a popular blog, but with popularity came an email inbox that had me fishing through shit for 3 hours every weekend. Fuck that, I decided to start again.

This Liner Notes post signalled a new era for myself as a music blogger, as right now SG is 9 months old and has easily helped me rekindle my love for writing again. It’s easy-going name makes for an easy-going time when writing and while I’d like to see more interaction made between myself and the readers, it’s steadily becoming bigger each month. The post also made me realise that I really enjoy waffling on like nobody’s business. I need to learn to cut down on the waffles.

Right what do I do now….oh okay; here are the rules to the challenge:

  • No cheating. (It must be your first post. Not your second post, not one you love…first post only.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of crickets).
  • Cut and paste your first post into a new post or reblog it. (Either way is fine but NO editing.)
  • Put the hashtag #MyFirstPostRevisited in your title.
  • Tag five (5) other bloggers to take up this challenge.
  • Notify your tags (don’t just hope they notice a pingback somewhere in their spam).
  • Feel free to cut and paste the badge to use in your post.
  • Include “the rules” in your post.

I’ve also got the pleasure to nominate the following five people to do the same thing, they are:

  • Emily of Mytacism Music
  • Vanessa of House in the Sand
  • Tina of The Daily Listening
  • Rishi of The Undscvrd
  • Everybody on the #MusicMoguls group who reads this when I post it to the group! Muahaha!


  1. Thanks for playing along Adam. I sympathize with your feelings re: Exploding Head Syndrome, as I’m becoming more overwhelmed by requests for reviews and feel like a review machine. Keeping up with all those requests prevents me from writing fun posts about music subjects that interest me. I just have a hard time saying ‘no.’

    • No problem Jeff! Thank you for nominating me, it was fun 🙂 are you really? I find being ruthless with emails helps. If you’re not a fan of a song then don’t review it, delete the email. This is a hobby that relies on fun music in order to be fun; it shouldn’t be a chore

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