Fickle Friends are the band I wish would release an album already. Having already produced some memorable hits in ‘Swim’ and ‘Say No More’ it seems everything they create is gold, and now with ‘Hello Hello’ I think it’s safe to say they know how to make a great Pop song. But seriously, please just release an album now.

Coming in strong with the blistering sunshine that seems to pour in all of their songs, ‘Hello Hello’ details the struggle of still being in love with somebody who doesn’t seem to reciprocate, but packs it full of the 80’s synth pop that features so prominently in Fickle Friends’ music. The chorus, as always, is a giant hook of heartbroken simplicity that sticks in the mind immediately, and again, it’s another great tune from Fickle Friends.

It’s pretty much inevitable that the EP/album that comes out of Fickle Friends will be one of the strongest debuts in recent times. ‘Hello Hello’ follows a long line of superb singles and holds its own as the solid, heartbroken in love track amongst an already glittering discography, and solidifies Fickle Friends as one of the hottest bands of 2017.

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