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Hop out of bed, stretch out the remaining slumbers of last night, open the curtains and be blinded by the light, SUNFACE returns with a new EP! EP2 is the second addition to the project of Daniel Longmore of TRASH, and with a young man smiling back at you innocent to the world, this is an intimate insight into a life of an emerging musician.
With a tracklisting featuring titles like ‘Stay Happy’ and ‘I’m Not Always Sad’ it’s clear that this EP is something for Daniel as well as the listener. The lead single opens EP2 with an optimistic guitar lead that extends a branch of sunshine into a downtrodden atmosphere, as SUNFACE illustrates of coming to accept that with solidarity comes recovery, as you come to terms with being without somebody. This level of depressed-optimism is a theme present throughout EP2, with reflects in the music of the EP too.

The summery licks behind ‘I’m Not Always Sad’ and ‘Melt’ paints a vibrant picture while Daniel’s lyrics cut a shadowy figure in the centre of it. It’s grounded, stuck-to-Earth lyricism offers a serious sense of humanity to the music, and it becomes easy to empathise with everything that’s heard. ‘Melt’s’ up-tempo flurry of sunshine details the attempt of keeping upbeat about life perfectly, once again ramping up the level of empathy.

EP2 is a personal record that struggles with a continuous battle to remain in good spirits. With so much sadness consumed, it bares many layers of emotion that are fighting to keep on track. It’s a very well-crafted record, and comes with catchy instrumentals and heavy lyrics for those who like to delve a little deeper. It’s a great record.

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