Track Review | Ian Jaco – Life

Ian Jaco delivers 'Life' which helps us go beyond a sugar levels for the year.


You know sometimes Music doesn’t always have to be depressing to be good. It can also be the brightest spark of happiness that has sunshine shining out of it’s backside, and that’s exactly what’s happening here with Ian Jaco’s wondrous debut single ‘Life’.

Bright, preppy acoustic guitars deliver a rhythm that could make flowers bloom, with mouths whistling out little tidbits of cuddles to sprinkle a little extra happiness into the mix to immediately create a sound that puts a smile on your face. Ian’s vocals hold the perfect level of warmth that rides along the instruments to drive the listener towards a destination filled with complete bliss, and it’s just so darn cute I can’t handle it.

‘Life’ is a song everybody needs to hear. It’s a perfect pick me up tune that could cheer up even the most glum of folk. What a lovely little tune. It’s adorable.

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