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Song of the Week | The Glass Child – Black Rose


The Glass Child blew the mind with the release of “White Spaces” at the start of the month with a startling performance full of fragile instruments and vulnerable lyrics, and looks set to build upon that with new single “Black Rose”. The result is a song that certainly exceeds its purpose, and builds skyscrapers upon solid foundations.

“Black Rose” is a near-five minute ballad full of twists and turns. Led by an acoustic guitar plucking cold strings, Charlotte Eriksson’s vocals follow aside delivering verses of heartbreak and ache, setting up an intro full of space. This is filled by piano melodies that sprinkle between the layers of guitar and voice, adding touches of sadness and staining the airwaves with the tears of a lost love that’s possibly referenced by the sudden inclusion of Spanish guitar, which delivers a quick harmony before slinking into the night, never to be heard again. “Black Rose” is a powerful song and is a scintillating performance from The Glass Child. It’s a sensational listen, and certainly builds excitement for the upcoming This Silence Now EP, out on April 21st.


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