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Single Review | No Hot Ashes – Bellyaches

No Hot Ashes cement their status as hot new band with the release of new song 'Bellyaches'.


Ohhhhh they’re back! No Hot Ashes were one of the bright sparks of last year thanks to the release of debut single ‘Goose’, and now they make a confident entrance into 2017 with ‘Bellyaches’, a swaggering little number that leaves you feeling more than just a little sick.

With an instrumental steeped in anthemic drums and lined with a steady foundation of bass, ‘Bellyaches’ produces a funky little beat that easily slips into the hips. Huge harmonies and backing vocals wrap themselves around the instruments to add a rough-edged texture to the smooth basslines, and all in all it leaves you with the best bellyache ever.

‘Bellyaches’ is a great track from No Hot Ashes, and hopefully this kicks off an eventual crawl to a new EP or album. Have you heard of these guys before? They’re tipped to be another highlight of the emerging music scene here in the UK.

4 comments on “Single Review | No Hot Ashes – Bellyaches

  1. This is a wonderful track. Swaggering little number indeed!

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  2. Nice, rockin’ flashback to 80’s synth, like The Cure, Simple Minds and Heaven 17, with a great funk beat.

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