New artist alert! Holly Isobelle is a singer-songwriter based in Brighton and this is her debut single “Remains of Our Love”. Having stumbled across Holly on Instagram I was impatiently waiting for her to drop some music and fortunately this debut is a punchy, hip-wigglingly good way to say hello.

This introduction features guitar riffs that lay down a Bluesy lick or two against Holly’s sultry vocals and drums that hit harder than the realisation that Philip Schofield endorsed this track on This Morning. It’s instrumental fits perfectly against the lyricism which depicts jealously in an ailing relationship, providing enough of a strong backdrop for Holly to get her point across with a confident performance.

“Remains of Our Love” is an entertaining listen with solid guitar riffs and simply catchy hooks to turn this pop tune into a surprising little hit. Holly Isobelle has done a great at throwing herself into the world of music and I look forward to hearing more from her.

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