Single Review

Pale Waves – There’s a Honey | Single Review

Dirty Hit / Rating: Good

It seems every year the UK has an influx of new talent ready to take eardrums by storm. Pale Waves in particular have been gaining some steady praise over the last few months, having signed with the in-form Dirty Hit and producing their debut single “There’s a Honey” with the help of labelmates and producers, The 1975.

With heartbroken lyricism littered throughout, “There’s a Honey” is an emotive yearn combined with preppy hits of Pop to create a nostalgic sound with a modern twist. The guitars deliver melodies that are hazy in effects, while paper-thin drums snap in the background against female vocals that direct everything towards the heartstrings. It’s a simple Pop tune that certainly bares similar traits to The 1975 but is one that sticks in the brain, marking a strong start for Pale Waves.


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