R. Missing – Unsummering | EP Review


Following from a rebrand of The Ropes, New York-based artist R. Missing have released their debut EP Unsummering. The Ropes were responsible for delivering songs steeped in depressed, tear-stained elements with Morrissey-inspired lyricism on top, and from the downtrodden synths, distant percussion and ominious vocals on the title track, Unsummering looks set to continue this.

Despite embracing an isolated mood R. Missing make sure to keep things somewhat accessible throughout the EP. The accusatory “Kelly Was a Philistine” offers little in terms of hooks in its lyrical theme but does showcase synthesisers delivering an 80’s-esque beat against drums that snap the listener in rhythm. This formula is a trait that fortunately carries over to the remaining material, allowing R. Missing to stay off in the distance but close enough to keep the listeners intrigued.

The quick burst of “Deeper Holes” injects pace into the EP, whereas the creeping pace of “Birthright” opts for an anthemic sound. All of these different avenues explored allow R. Missing to maintain a vast amount of space between it’s instruments, it’s sound and it’s listeners but also provide enough variation and accessibility for Unsummering to cap off a new beginning strongly.

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